Origin Interactive

we make digital,
human, simple :

for desktop, web, tablet, mobile products and more

we are UXD

we’re a user experience ‘digital’ design agency
we create unimaginable digital experiences that shape the digital future

our methodology

we are

fulfilment before experience, this is achieved by focusing on your users!

our team

we have an agile, passionate team that likes pushing the boundaries while having fun!

we fix, enhance and create

digital experiences for your users

we can fix it

is your

Let's uncover what's broken by performing a selection of tests, make invaluable recommendations, and help you to implement a world class experience your users deserve

let's improve it

improve your

Is your product easy to use, looks the part? We’ll identify usability problems, collect qualitative data to ensure a delightful brand experience that your users love

let's start your project

have a new

Have a great idea, but have no idea where to start? Our passionate team has experience in creating unique digital products with a perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry

let's work together

need a

You need a strategic team that really cares about your product! We'll compliment your team by offering a broad range of UX | UI | Dev skills to ensure greatness

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proudly South African. we are from the capital city, Pretoria, and love it here!

end-to-end product design

we deliver beautiful apps & solutions that users love to interact with

what is user experience design?

what is UX design?

user experience design can be explained as affecting all aspects of people’s interaction with a digital product. how it is perceived, learned, and used. it’s the process of understanding someone’s needs, mental models and technical ability, then designing to delight them. the term ‘user experience’ is applied to software, web, mobile apps and other digital devices

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