Origin Interactive

our services :

we create digital experiences that transform brands,

grow businesses and make people’s lives more enjoyable

a user experience digital agency

we design FOR experiences!! we go all the way, to understand, define and design shit hot digital experiences that people love to use

our services

research & strategy

understanding your business, your users to develop your digital strategy

project feasibility evaluation

we evaluate your proposed and/or current systems, and help you understand what it will take to get your project off the ground

expert product review

so you have a digital solution that’s close to your heart. we have no idea what your product does, or doesn’t do. so this is your opportunity to show your product to our team.. we’ll try not laugh to loud, promise...

internal product reviews

if you have an existing digital solution, we unpack it by performing a myriad of tests to really understand the features, functionality and user journeys of your product

requirements gathering workshops

we conduct interactive requirement gathering workshops where we (together with your stakeholders) uncover and develop the business, technical and user requirements

competitor analysis

by analyzing and understanding your market, we are able to see what works and what doesn’t. we therefore gain domain knowledge and industry best practices. It offers both offensive and defensive insights to identify opportunities and competitor threats

contextual enquiries

shadowing users in their natural environment gives us an in-depth understanding of their day-to-day tasks and empathy. we examine and gain insight on how users interact with technology, digital services and the people around them, focusing on their pain points and frustrations

user interviews

know what users want (and what they hate)? by asking them! one-on-one interviews uncover underlying user needs and motivations, resulting in valuable user insights. we get rid of the assumptions that so often mislead us

qualitative research

we use a range of qualitative research methodologies to uncover user needs and motivations. these include one-on-one usability tests, lab tests and a variety of online tools. we conduct research in the context of real lives, with direct user feedback

product design

your digital product has a need and a purpose. if it’s not usable, then what’s the point. our team has experience in creating unique digital products and omni-channel digital experiences that make sense

our services

user experience product design

bringing ideas to life through wireframes, prototypes & planning out every detail

user group definition

obviously all the people using your digital product will have different mental models and objectives. user groups define user segments, meaning we can focus on users specific needs and requirements

user personas

we like wearing different hats. personas ensure we design with real people in mind. we define their social patterns, likes & dislikes, frustrations and aspirations. we think like them to solve problems in a way that would delight them

task models

we uncover the steps (logical activities) people carry out and the decisions they need to make, align it with the goal, and then base our design efforts and functionality around that

user stories

a user story is an informal, natural description of one or more features within a digital product. they facilitate sensemaking and communication, and are written from the perspective of an end user using the digital product

card sorting

index cards allow users to categorize, organize and label content areas in a way that makes sense to them. this exercise denotes for a good system foundation and structure, and provides insight into users’ mental models and which items were most frequently grouped together, resulting in categories

user journeys

how do users get from the start to where they need to go? we understand that people don’t all think the same so probably won’t all click on the same things. it’s important to provide multiple journeys to get to the same place

wireframe generation

wireframes, the blueprint of your digital product, translate our research into visible solution concepts. from napkin sketches through to high-fidelity wireframes, they communicate the navigation, structure, content & layout

product prototypes

it’s much easier to get feedback if everyone involved can see how things might work. prototypes allow us to test the feasibility and usability of a product or feature which inevitably leads to unexpected discoveries and enhancements

usability testing

we evaluate, observe, listen and take notes while people interact with an interface. is it understandable, easy to navigate, and do they find what they’re looking for? the goal is to identify usability problems, collect qualitative data and determine user satisfaction

our services

user interface design

don’t make something unless it’s both necessary & useful, then make it beautiful

responsive design

mobile is the future. like they say, mobile first, and we do just that. seeing how to pull, push, yank and squeeze a design in all directions is all in a days work. we create solutions that look great across mobile, tablet, desktop and other strange devices

UI exploration / concept design

the first step in the design process is translating strategy into compelling conceptual visuals. it’s about finding a style that fits your brand and users’ expectations perfectly. we experiment with colours, fonts, images, iconography, illustrations, white space and more

user interface design (UI)

crafting beautiful and engaging solutions take skills, patience and perseverance. we create memorable experiences, rather than pushing pixels. a successful UI focuses on a user’s goals & motivations over it being pretty. we deliver outrageous quality!

mobile app design

make it mobile, make it relevant and make it simple. mobile is the future and we’re living it. native mobile apps, hybrid-native mobile apps, we design and build them all. the way we interact with our phones determine the experience we have with brands

interaction design

digital products need to respond appropriately to user actions and inputs. behaviours and visual feedback enable users’ to use a system more effectively. through unique interface mechanisms, we make tasks and content understandable, usable and engaging

UI prototyping

bringing ideas and research to life. we test user journeys, legibility, styles, labeling and navigation methods to make sure they all gel together and leave a satisfying feeling in our (and your) tummies

our services

development & integration

making designs come to life through millions of lines of code and APIs

technical planning

starting with solution requirements, we define the building blocks for all parts of the system. our industry is complicated, to say the least. hence, we follow a process of events in order to achieve project deliverables and success

custom web development

we create unique digital experiences, so we only do bespoke custom dev. what this means, is that all our clever creative ideas still need to be “created” in the digital world, through code. we make things faster and more reliable whilst still looking good

code production

front-end developers create functional products that are usable. usually, a UI designer hands off a static UI design to the front-end developers who translate it into a working, interactive, usable experience

responsive development

mobile first. our developers recognize that mobile is the future. but what would the world be without our other smart devices and laptops. today, companies need to be conscious of the digital devices people use to access their brand

interaction development

we create unique behaviours, animations and transitions, bringing direct user interaction responses to life, ensuring that it’s a pleasurable experience. the intense detail of code that resides under the hood makes our ideas a reality

content management systems

through the tools we build, we’re supporting the creation and modification of digital content. selecting the best and most suitable content management system for a specific need, or building a custom one is all part of our experience


we live in an integrated digital world. so yip, we integrate with various third-party platforms, services and APIs. we plug connections together to create dynamic, relevant and up to date content. we love to solve massive data problems to enable enriched user content


we test it all. and then test again. we’re constantly improving performance, reliability and the overall experience of the solutions we build. robust, bullet proof code is a priority for our team

enhancements & support

we understand that nothing in life is perfect. but through continual research, design and testing we adapt to what users now want. it’s pointless buying a new car and never servicing it. it will break. we make sure that your digital solution is always ready to roll