Origin Interactive

we are :

improving people’s lives

through user experience design

our methodology

we are user centered

we place people (users) at the heart of everything we do throughout the design process

our mission

outrageous quality

we aim to positively transform the relationships between businesses and their digital customers

we are certified

we are scrum certified

working effectively and efficiently based on the skills, experience and reliability of the team involved.


in the capital

UXD is about making emotional connections with people

User Experience Design is the science & art of creating digital experiences that are easy to use, fit user expectations and meet business goals.

the magic-makers

small team
big impact

we have an agile, passionate team that likes pushing the boundaries while having fun!

the main man
mike lewis

founder / experience director


key accounts & HR

studio manager

also an expert juice-maker

of code

front-end developer


UX | UI designer


UX | UI designer

could be you

a perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry

the only thing we take seriously is our work

Design id intelligence made visible - Alina Wheeler


Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein

our team

we have an agile, passionate team that likes pushing the boundries while having fun!

valentines day
valentines day

love is
in the air

all you need is love. but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt

You aren't doing UX unless you're talking to users.

fun fact

shake it off!

simply shake your iPhone back and forth and the “Undo Typing” feature will pop-up on your screen

random facts
random facts

first things first:
my phone!

over 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up

fashion trends
fashion trends

smartwatch with a touch of elegance

it's desirable, a status symbol, and for many perhaps the only kind of decoration that will always be worn

like a pro
like a pro


It is all fun and games till foosball starts... then it’s serious. seriously great fun.